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We are a digital agency.

Wiinga creates digital and physical experiences for the biggest brands. Our designers, developers, marketers and makers build everything from apps, to connected devices, to wildly creative campaigns.

Whether we’re creating platforms and devices for building the fastest restaurant in London, Instagram campaigns with social walls on movie theaters, Twitter controlled fridges, interactive social touch-screens or the world’s most efficient e-commerce with local pickup lockers for fresh meat, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

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Web & Mobile
Brand Identity
Film Production
Data Visualization


Web & Mobile
Internet of Things
SOA Design


IoT Devices


Social Media Strategy
Campaign Management
Content Production


Have an idea? Is it pixel or code-related? We make it. Let's talk. We're not made of fancy neckties at a desk. What thrives us is being challenged to defy the ordinary.
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