What is it?

Keuken is a fast-food restaurant funded through a crowdfunding campaign and is all about saving Londoners time while offering healthy, nutritious take away meals to bring back to their offices, take to meetings or to enjoy in the park during lunch time.

Its wall of machines installed directly in front of our kitchen means customers can grab a quick meal by simply tapping their card or mobile device on the machine and taking their food with them on-the-go.

In order to minimise the waiting time for our customers, to reduce production costs, and to avoid the risk of counterfeit money or cash theft, machines are cashless, accepting card payments, contactless, and NFC/mobile payments such as ‘Apple Pay’ & ‘Google Wallet’.

Watch the video:

What we did

The entire Keuken infrastructure was built by Wiinga regarding the management and communication platform and by our partners at Digital Media Vending for machines’ design and assembly.

Communication between clients, machines, kitchen and administration is managed by Wiinga’s online platform, which combines the flexibility of a web application with machine interaction allowing remote management of the store with real-time information and statistics.

From the managerial point of view, the manager has complete control of the store through the platform being able to define, among others:

  • the meals for sale and in which particular compartment
  • the prices of products on sale (and may change them at any time)
  • discount coupons
  • real-time sales and disposals information

All information is passed to the kitchen through a screen having machines’ layout which the platform updates in real-time.


From the management point-of-view, and since all transactions and operational management orders are made from the platform, a huge set of metrics are available, among which we can highlight:

  • number of sales and food disposals
  • profits and expenses
  • comparison between sales and weather

Taking just 15 seconds for the customer to get in, choose, pay and leave, Keuken was elected by TimeOut as London’s fastest restaurant. Watch the video below: